Tuesday, May 8, 2007


If what they said is true. Then in 13 light hours, my blog would have overtaken the space probe Voyager 1, Saturn and Jupiter. Right now, perhaps my blog had already passed the planet Pluto, or even the Oort cloud. In 4.2 light years, my blog would have reached Alpha Centauri and beyond. Who knows, in several years after my blog was transmitted from our planet, it might have been recieved and read by some extraterrestial civilization far more technologically and emotionally advanced than hours.
Would they appreciate my blog and understand my feelings? Would they feel my happiness, fear, hopes, dreams and pains??
Oh well, such is the attempt at immortality. At least, my story lives on, even if a generation from now,
I am already gone.


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kewl. howdy, how did you do that?

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